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They Were Trying To Prank Mom, But She Simply Took a Picture and Walked Away

We all know the risks and dangers that come along with home renovation projects. With all of the dangling pieces of wood, screws and tools lying around, it is easier for one or more people to get hurt.

Now, imagine that you are a mom, and there is work going on at your home. You go out to run errands and return, only to find your poor sons laying under a slab of concrete, dead! The horror!

The panic and worry is enough to send someone into pure terror. Luke Reilly has taken pranking to the next level with this gory scene from a horror movie. They were trying to scare the heck out of their mother… but no one can ever fool this clever mother.


Although they weren’t able to see the initial terror on her face, they knew she must have figured out their wicked trick right away. Rather than screaming and hollering, she snapped this photo and walked inside, like it was no big deal. “Not today sons, not today.” Look who’s laughing now!

This mom sure has a sense of humor. I would freak!