This Country Artist Has A Message For All Flag Burning Thugs, And It’s BRUTAL

Hundreds of young men and women have made it their mission to disrespect America in the most brutal way imaginable. But what one man has decided to do about it just made my whole day!

It’s no secret that hundreds of America’s youth have taken to social media to publicly proclaim (and demonstrate) their hatred for our incredible country, loyal troops, and beautiful flag. They’ve done everything from trash, stomp, and burn our flag. It’s an absolute outrage.

But one brave man by the name of Creed Fisher is fed up. And I when I heard the song he wrote for all the America haters out there, I just couldn’t help but smile. It’s about time someone taught these wild hooligans a lesson. This is just awesome. He posted the song toFacebook and wrote,

“If You Have A Right To Burn My Flag( Then I Have A Right To Kick Your A$s) written by Creed Fisher. I wanna say Thank you to the military men and women. God Bless America.”

I promise, you won’t want to miss this!