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This Girl Set Up A Prank To Fool EVERYONE… But Watch What The Firefighter On The Right Does!…

Since the very first days of YouTube, prank videos have been some of the most popular and most viewed videos. While some pranks are just downright mean and even a little hurtful, there is no shortage of pranks that can make you laugh till you cry and ones that can even be touching.

When done correctly, pranks can become almost famous. A story that you can tell for years to come, laughing at yourself and anyone else who fell for it, and thinking back on it as only an extremely fond and positive memory.

In this particular prank video, a high school senior by the name of Grace Aroune takes up an opportunity to prank her entire school, teachers included, in a prank that will definitely go down in history!

Like prankster Roman Atwood, who filled his house with plastic balls, this prank turns out to be fun for everyone.

With the help of the Make-A-Wish Foundation, Grace decided that her wish was best shared, and had them pull a few strings to get one of her favorite comedians and idols, Bill Hader to get in on the fun.

With only Grace and her principal in on the secret, Bill, dressed as an “old fireman”, went class to class teaching absurd fire drills before finally revealing his true identity, after speaking in one of his most iconic character’s voices for all the school to hear.

This prank will definitely be remembered and cherished by all, and it’s pretty safe to say it most likely won’t be topped!

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J5KVgn9u3u8]source