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This Guy Died…But His Funeral Celebration Lives On With the Memory of Him Playing Dominos At The Bar Where He Was Killed!


Welp, cousin Pookey bit the dust. You didn’t expect him to go so young. But to honor his memory, you’re gonna pull out all the stops. At least if you live in Puerto Rico these days.

Setting up people’s dead bodies is all the rage right now in Puerto Rico and most of the time it’s things that you never thought you’d ever see! But before you judge, let us fill you in on what the deal is.

Take for instance, Jomar Aguayo Collazo in San Juan…he took a bullet at the local club. RIP. But his relatives celebrated his life by propping up his body in front of a dominoes table with a bottle by his side. One for the homies type of set up.

He also had a condom in his hand while wearing his blue & white Adidas suit…just how he liked to be when he was alive.

And there’s more! After all, what better place to have this all happen than at the very same bar that Collazo was shot at? The mourners came to celebrate his death and snap some pictures with him to cherish his memory. They now how to do it don’t they!