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This Guy Has Molten Aluminum And A Watermelon! Watch What Happens When He Puts Them Together!

Here at imjussayin, the watermelon-centric videos we’ve featured in the past usually revolved around a new way to slice, dice, or eat the flowering plant. But this video – courtesy of The Backyard Scientist – is unlike anything we’ve seen before. From the guy who brought the world a video entitled “Exploding Arrows,” comes his latest production – pouring molten aluminum into a watermelon. “Why?” you may ask, but the answer is clear – for science! The Backyard Scientist enjoys any chemistry-related experiments, as well as melting and burning random things. He’s acknowledged that what he does isn’t always the safest activity, but he assures us that it’s okay because he’s a seasoned veteran in the field.

Check out his latest video, where he pours molten aluminum in a nice plump watermelon and promptly reveals the aftermath. It’s pretty fascinating stuff, if I do say so myself. What did you expect the inside of the watermelon to look like? Did you enjoy the video? If you did, be sure to share it on Facebook! Also, please share with us your thoughts, feelings, and opinions on this piece.