This Is What Happens When An Immigrant Labels Himself In Public As A Druglord, Rapist and Criminal…

As a society, it is quite common for us to group things together that shouldn’t be grouped together at all. For example, in our city, we have had an influx of stabbings — and people are now saying that it’s a terrible, dangerous city we live in. In reality, we just have some questionable individuals living in the city that are doing questionable things — these are all one-off incidents. Similarly, if someone of a certain ethnicity does something bad, the entire ethnicity group is labelled BAD because of that one individual. Which is not okay! It’s time to stop blaming an entire group of people for one individual’s actions. This video below hopefully will change the way people label groups.

UDsyde Films organized a social experiment titled the Donald Trump Experiment, in response to a recentTrump speech. Sergio dressed up as a prison inmate (he really does look like one), with just one  sign that said “Meet an immigrant. Do you really think I’m a druglord, rapist, criminal?” He even blindfolded himself to allow people to really judge him, and held out his hand to see how people would react and capture there response. At first we were actually  afraid that he might experience negativity and even violent attacks but the public’s response was absolutely amazing , Watch the below video yourself..