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This Is What Happens When Dad Gets Bored And Has To Entertain His Twin Babies! How Cute!

Ever wonder what happens when you leave a new dad at home to entertain his twin babies… The cutest possible video gets recorded, that’s what!

In the following clip, whenever this dad begins to dance, his twin babies get in the same groove and start to mimic his every move from the floor. What you won’t expect, though, is each time he stops dancing, both babies halt all movement as well. As soon as he starts dancing again, however, these twins rejoin him with the funniest moves and smiles on their faces.

I’m pretty sure my parents have a video of me doing the same thing at that age! If I remember right this video was shown to all of my friends, boyfriends, and family members growing up, especially every time the mention of home videos got brought up. I’m sure these twins will experience the same thing when they are older.

This video kind of reminds me of the twin baby girls dancing to Dad’s guitar. There is just something about babies dancing, kicking their arms and legs around and bobbing their heads to music that is just down right adorable! I love this!