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This Mom Gets The Best Birthday Surprise Ever When She Finds Out She’s Going To Be a Grandma!

What’s the best birthday present you can give to your mom — a house, car or vacation? Well, it’s actually none of these. One woman gave her mother the surprise of a lifetime for her birthday.

As the family sat around the table, mom read her cards aloud. They laughed as they discussed how she was enjoying her special day. But mom let her daughters know that she was enjoying her special week.

As she was opening her present she commented on how beautiful the box was. Then she read the card and they all ‘ooo’d’ and ‘awww’d’. When she finally opened the box and saw what was inside it took her a second to process what it was.

But when she finally realized what her birthday present was? Boy oh boy, did she freak out. Little did she know that today was the day she was going to find out she’s going to be a grandma.

Inside the box her daughter and son-in-law had gotten her, and her husband, personalized Mickey Mouse ears that say ‘grandma’ and ‘grandpa’ on the back.

As if in slow motion, she leaned back into her chair she let out the loudest scream. “No, no, no, is this true” she said to her family. She stood up and began to cry tears of joy. She hugged her daughter while her husband hugged their son-in-law.

Still in disbelief she slips into ‘mom’ mode. ‘Are you nauseous, will you be having a sonogram, did I hug you too tight?’

This mom just received the greatest news on her birthday and luckily it was all caught on film. You can feel her happiness and joy just watching!