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This Mother And Daughter Were Running Errands When An Epic Dance Party Ensued

There are times when you try to bond with your parent and it strengthens your relationship. Then, there are times when all attempts at a bonding experience are rejected outright. Your mother or father doesn’t understand what you’re trying to accomplish, and they simply do not want to participate.

This daughter recently experienced the latter scenario. When she was driving with her mom and tried to get her to join in on an impromptu dance party, the unconvinced mother was not moved and kept her composure. Watch the goofy interaction below, and cringe at the thought of the times when this happened to you.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u85ffOhLu-s]

That got pretty awkward. It was like the mother just didn’t want to be associated with her dancing daughter. It was one of the rare times when a child embarrassed a mother. Perhaps that mom will loosen up one day and join in. Until then…yikes!