This Social Experiment Shows Parents The Importance Of Having The Stranger Talk

Most parents teach their children to be wary of strangers. Like most parents, these parents firmly believe that their child would never go off with a stranger or take candy from a stranger.  They know what they have taught their children well.

But it took a social experiment to show parents that anything is possible. With the permission of the children’s parents, magician Rich Ferguson proves children can be easily manipulated especially when it comes to treats.

As parents watch in a distance, Ferguson walks up to their children asks if they know not to take candy from strangers. Most say yes, but jump with joy when he hands them a lollipop.

Some of the children are convinced that, even after just a few minutes of play, they have become friends with Ferguson.

Needless to say, parents are shocked. Not one of them expected their child to be so easily influenced.

This video is a stark reminder that even though we may have taught our children to be cautious of strangers, given a small token of friendship and maybe even a treat, all those lessons have fallen on unknowingly deaf ears.  

Parents, please remind your children of “stranger danger.”