This Woman Thought She Lost Her Virginity To A Man, But It Turned Out To Be A Woman

The Jeremy Kyle Show has brought to our attention some pretty fucked up stories in the past  – the granny who got accused of giving an STI to her daughter’s husband and the gay couple who found out that they were actually brothers. You begin to wonder if they are making this shit up and hope for their souls that they are.

This woman, Megan, used the show to speak out about a shockingly personal ordeal – she was tricked into losing her virginity by a girl posing as a guy. In order to help prevent the same from happening to others.


After initially meeting Chris Wilson at an amusement park the pair exchanged numerous text messages and went on a few dates before the relationship turned physical. Megan said that Wilson would insist on having sex with the lights off because of “scars” and pinned her down to ensure that she didn’t reveal the truth.


The Mirror said that when the police uncovered the truth Megan felt “embarrassed,” “disgusted and humiliated.” She said that she was “oblivious” to Wilson’s true gender because she had never seen a penis before and was inexperienced and naive.