Two Muggers Creep Up Behind Her In Her Driveway. What Happens Next Is HILARIOUS!

video of a Malaysian woman beating up a motorcyclist trying to snatch her purse has racked up over 500,000 hits and when you see what the security cameras caught on tape, you’ll know why!

The brief clip shows 28-year-old Germaine Yeap pulling into her driveway, coming home from a long day of running errands. Little did she know, two thieves followed closely behind. As her security gates closed behind her, in squeezed one of the thieves. When she least expects it, he leaps towards her and snatcher her purse. But he has no idea he’s messed with the wrong woman!

There’s initial pulling and tugging, but his heft stature doesn’t seem to scare this small woman. Out of rage, she fires off a series of powerful overhand punches and gets him to the ground. The next few seconds will be the most intense beat down you’ve ever seen.

It’s not until his friend thief come in to break up the fight and drag him off. The two flee and she runs inside to call the police – or quite possibly upload a video that she knew would go viral!

Hopefully these thugs think twice before messing with another woman.