URGENT: Chilling New Map Reveals 56 Areas Where FBI Is Preparing For ISIS to Strike


For most Americans, the Fourth of July holiday means a summer celebration filled with family get-togethers, picnics and fireworks.

Sadly, it also means the Islamic State group may awaken sleeper cells in the United States to carry out terrorist attacks.

The FBI has declared that there are no specific, credible threats against the United States. Nonetheless, the agency is setting up 56 command centers at each of its field offices to monitor terrorist threats:


The map shows those command centers in the continental United States. Others have been established in Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico

In addition, Fox News has learned that all law enforcement agencies, federal and local, have been tasked with reporting any information about possible attacks to these command centers.

The FBI was specifically concerned that attacks might strike “soft” targets, such as shopping malls with large crowds and little security.

Consequently, the agency has been attempting to take known sympathizers for the Islamic extremists off the streets. These individuals were usually arrested on lesser charges that will put them in temporary custody over the holiday weekend.

The terrorists have been busy recently. A gunman on a Tunisian beach shot and killed 38 people. In France, an attacker rammed his car into a gasoline container, causing an explosion; a decapitated body was found during a subsequent investigation. A suicide bomber killed 27 and injured 227 in an attack on a Shiite mosque in Kuwait City.

U.S. law enforcement officials, however, are most concerned with “lone-wolf” attacks on American soil.

Some terrorist attack plans have already been disrupted, including a planned assault with bombs and knives on Boston police officers (H/T U.K. Daily Mail).

As the holiday weekend approaches, it is a fact of our times that we must be alert to terror attacks, especially if we are in big cities among large crowds.

We can enjoy the Independence Day holiday, but we must remain wary of odd activities that could be a prelude to an attack.