According to a lawsuit instituted by a Brooklyn, New York lawyer – Lewis Daly, the popular breakfast cereal – Quaker Oats is considered to be extremely detrimental to human health.

Fact that should be mentioned is that Daly argued that Quaker Oats contains highly carcinogenic compound which is known as glyphosate. This substance has been classified as potentially dangerous for human consumption.

In addition to that, after tests were carried out on samples it is believed that the Quaker Oats Quick 1 – Minute brand contains trace amounts of glyphosate.


Daly filed a class action lawsuit in the Federal District Courts of both California and New York, with intention fully to disclosure by the company about its use of glyphosate in its oatmeal and also to make full consumer refunds.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of people who consider that this company manufactures and sells completely natural products. That is the reason that infuriated Daly and consumers alike as it is a false and misleading form of advertising.

Glyphosate is compound that is herbicide and mostly is used for elimination of weeds, but also is major ingredient in weed treatment products such as Ortho and Roundup.

Daly’s argument about this issue is that the company should not mislead all consumers who genuinely want 100% natural oats into thinking that these oatmeal products are totally natural.

The owners of the Quaker Oats brand are PepsiCo and they insist that their products all pass through completely natural processes. There is included cleaning process that eliminates large quantities of the herbicide.

Additionally, the further tests have revealed that Quaker Oats actually comprises of glyphosate and that is about 4% of the permissible level. Taking under consideration of that fact, oatmeal is below the minimum level prescribed by the EPA.