WARNING: This New Toy Could DESTROY Your Child’s Hair!

If you’ve been thinking about getting your child this toy for the holidays, think again!

Bunchems, colorful balls meant to be stacked together to build whatever a child’s heart desires, have become increasingly popular over the past few months. However, parents are quickly realizing that while they appear safe, if they get stuck in a child’s hair, then consequences could be dire.

The LEGO-esque balls, created by toy company Spin Masters, have been sticking not only to each other, but to hair as well.

While some have been lucky (one child needed four people to remove the balls from her hair, according to Cosmopolitan), others have had to lose inches of hair due to the Bunchems’ ability to stick to everything they encounter.

Amazon customer reviews of the toy have been sharing the horror stories parents have dealt with as a result of the Bunchems, with one mom calling them the “worst toy ever,” and another claiming that she had to cut the back of her child’s tangled hair just to remove the balls.

Paula Kaufman, of Framingham, Mass., shared with The Wall Street Journal that her daughter Brooke had gotten around 60 Bunchems stuck in her waist-long hair, and it took over four hours, a whole jar of vegetable oil, heated coconut oil, forks, and eight sets of hands just to get the toys out of Brooke’s hair.

Spin Masters has since responded to the complaints with a brightly colored warning card now included in their packaging. They have also released a video detailing that the best way to remove Bunchems from hair is with conditioner or vegetable oil.