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What Doctors Found In This X-Ray of a 91-Year-Old Woman Makes Her a Medical Miracle

A 91-year-old Chilean woman went in for x-rays after she fell and hurt herself, only to find something much more disturbing than any fractured bone, or minor injury.

Estela Meléndez has had a lump on her belly for years, but she’d never though anything of it.

What doctors originally thought was a tumor turned out to be a calcified fetusthat had been inside of her uterus for up to 60 years.

Screen-Shot-2015-08-06-at-12.01.32-PM1Meléndez told CNN:

“The doctor said I had a tumor and that they needed to operate on me”

She had never known she was pregnant. Moreover, she and her husband were never able to have children. Meléndez’s husband, Manuel González, died in January at the age of 91, after 74 long years of marriage.

Doctors will not operate on the fetus because it would be too risky for the elderly woman’s health, and reportedly hasn’t done her any harm in the 60, or so years, it went undetected.

The nonagenarian claims that the lump does remind her of her late husband.