When A Biker Gang Showed Up To This Mom’s House, She Didn’t Expect Them To Do This

Every child—every human—deserves to be able to say, “I do not live in fear.” But for children who are the victims of abuse from family or close friends, it can take months or years—if ever—for them to feel safe.

But one group of people infamous for being intimidating are looking to change all of that.

I can’t believe how amazing this is!

When a group of bikers showed up at the home of mom Karen and her 9-year-old daughter’s home, they weren’t expecting to find friends. But that’s exactly what happened.

A 3,000-member group called Bikers Against Child Abuse is helping abused children. The group helps by providing 24-hour protection for the abused children and even will follow them to school or sit outside of their home until they feel safe enough to go to sleep or be alone.

It’s personal for some members of B.A.C.A. who have known people who’ve been abused or maybe were abused themselves. For “Happy”, the leader of the Connecticut chapter, it is especially tender.

“I’ve known a lot of kids growning up that were under that umbrella of being afraid with nobody around to help,” he said with tears welling in his eyes. “That’s why we’re here.”