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When Bullies See THIS Photo With Santa, They Harass Mom For One Unthinkable Reason…

When Rebecca Dunbar went to visit a mall Santa with her son, she didn’t expect the photograph to cause such a stir. She knew her photo would be a little unconventional, so she asked the staff, photographer, and Santa if it would be OK to get a photo with her breastfeeding her son.

“Honestly, we were just in line and my little guy, who has the patience of nothing, decided he was hungry in about two seconds,” Rebecca told Global News. “He would have just screamed the entire time, so I started nursing him. And we were next in line.”

The staff thought it would be quite funny. The photographer, who has two nursing children, was totally fine with it. Santa’s response?

“Santa said, ‘I’ve never been asked that in 40 years, so why not?’ So we took the picture,” Rebecca says. However, after Rebecca posted the photograph on her Facebook page, the response has been negative. Rebecca says 75 percent of her comments were negative; many called her “trashy.” The mother believes that there are plenty of images on TV and in movies that are racier than a mother breastfeeding to get up in arms about.

“Breastfeeding is still such a hot topic and it shouldn’t be. I think people should just accept that it’s a healthy thing,” she said. “I think breastfeeding should be made more acceptable in all ways. It shouldn’t deserve a comment one way or another because it shouldn’t be seen as abnormal.”