While Renovating Its Classrooms, This High School Found Original Blackboards On The Wall Dating Back Nearly 100 Years

We all remember those old blackboards that were in our school rooms, covered in chalk with old tracings from the lessons that your teacher had planned for you from previous lessons. Of course, blackboards are pretty dated now so imagine the history that could be found amongst them.

At Emerson High School in Oklahoma City, the school had plans to renovate their classrooms by replacing the old chalkboards with newer, more updated versions.

But when they were ripping out the current chalkboards they ended up uncovering something amazing.

Hiding beneath their current blackboards was a little slice of history that left everyone stunned.


Hidden beneath the boards were old, original blackboards dating back nearly 100 years. Some of the rediscovered black boards dated back to 1917, and showed the lessons that they had been taught back then. They were amazed when they found this awesome little slice of history hiding in their classrooms!


These historic gems featured work written by the teachers, as well as students. There were colorful drawings still completely intact.


There were also what appeared to be writing lessons still visible on the boards. The beautiful cursive handwriting from yesteryear is absolutely stunning and blew away the faculty and staff at Emerson High.


Amongst the lessons that were written on these boards, were notes that came from the previous class. It was almost as if they knew that the boards were going to be covered, which was the reason that they left these notes and drawings, so that they could be rediscovered. One board read, “We this day give to this room, slate blackboards by D.J. Geist & R.J. Scott” this note was dated December 14th, 1917.

5Seeing history uncovered like this is so cool!