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Wife catches cheating husband thanks to the postman!

Wife catches cheating husband thanks to the postman!

HOTELS may never know just how much we appreciate certain services.

Mint on the pillow? Love it. Fluffy bathrobe? Yes please.

Follow-up letter sent in the mail to make sure we had a decent stay? Well this is the gift that keeps on giving.

At least it was for a woman in the US who discovered her husband was cheating when a local hotel sent a survey asking about his recent stay.

The quizzical wife apparently confronted her hubby, asking for a please explain. And judging by the man’s responses to the survey, it didn’t end well.

The man’s sour reply was uploaded to reddit by a friend of a hotel staffer.

Q: Please describe the problem(s) you experienced during this stay.

A: You sent this survey and my wife saw it. Since I used this room to meet with a hooker it created an issue for me.

Q: Do you have any comments regarding your experience at this hotel?

A: No but my wife had plenty

Ugh, not only is this husband cheating with prostitutes, he also seems to think it’s the hotel’s fault he got sprung.

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