With Just 3 Ingredients He Grills The PERFECT Steak… I’m Practicing This Tonight!

With summer just around the corner, I’ve got to admit that I’m excited for the beach, the pool parties, and the hot sun. However, there’s one thing that I’m looking forward more to than anything else on my list: using the grill for an old fashioned cookout!

While I’ve always been an expert at grilling pizzas — or if you’re looking for some more “normal” cookout foods I’m amazing at grilling up some Oscar Mayer wieners, or Ball Park franks — the steak has always given me a bit of trouble.

Hamburgers? Why, I can make the most perfect medium-rare cheeseburger you could ask for.Charcoal grill, propane grill, or on a bonfire, you won’t even need ketchup or mustard or any other condiments, I make ‘em so juicy! But those darn steaks I just always end up overcooking! They’re never terrible, but let’s just say everyone always ends up reaching for the A1 sauce!

But when I came across this amazing video, I saw some tiny little mistakes I’ve been making over the years that have been making a huge difference. It’s those little things that will really trip you up and separate a good steak from an amazing one.

I always liked to think I knew everything, but after watching this simple “how to” video on how to grill a perfect steak, I had to admit I was humbled just a bit. It just goes to show that you should always be willing to expand your horizons and learn something new! Even if you think you already know it!

So please watch this amazing video and let us know what little tricks you like to add to your steaks to make them sizzlingly perfect for the grill!