With Only 3 Weeks Left To Live, This Veteran’s Last Wish Brought Me To Tears

It’s a story all too common these days, a homeless veteran. Donnie Loneman was a Marine veteran and homeless on the streets of Oklahoma City when he found out he had terminal cancer and was given only three weeks to live.

He wasn’t afraid of death but had one final wish: to be buried wearing his Marine dress blues, and a Marine Corps flag.

Donnie had faith in Jesus Christ and wasn’t scared to die. He was ready to see his Lord and his mother again.

A VA staff member, Christine Cleary said of Donnie:

“He said ‘I don’t want you guys to be sad, I want you guys to keep going, and keep helping people,’”

The VA reached out to the local community to see if anyone would be able to help with Donnie’s request and the response was overwhelming.

The local Kiowa Black Leggings Society, United Keetoowah Band of Cherokees and the Chickasaw Nation all worked together to get the dress blues and Marine Corps flag. They were even able to pay Donnie’s funeral expenses.

Donnie passed away on Thursday but left his caretakers with these encouraging final words:

‘I’m going to enter the gates, and I’m going to tell all the Marines that are standing there that they’re relieved of their duty, and I’m going to take their place, and I’ll stand there until my arm gets tired, and another Marine comes.’

A God fearing man and a Marine until the end. He ran his race and is now with his Lord.