Woman Chews Off Boyfriends P*nis


DALLAS, Texas –

Making horrific headlines this week is a woman from Dallas who smoked PCP for the first time and frantically began eating her boyfriends p*nis.

25-year-old Alan Candelario could be heard on the 911 call screaming in agony, “My d*ck..she’s eating my d*ck!”

Apparently Alan’s girlfriend got on her knees and acted like a sweet puppy dog after smoking the PCP. Investigators state, “We understand that she began gently licking her boyfriends leg, and at this point the victim believed now would be a good time to receive some oral sex, so he pulled down his pants and then pulled out his p*nis.”

Things took a horrific turn when the PCP laced puppy dog act suddenly turned into ferocious wild wolf-dog behavior. The girlfriend began barking loud, lunging toward the victims crotch where she proceeded to bite the p*nis off, and then attempted to chew it up in her mouth.

“Please baby..please don’t swallow..please don’t swallow my c*** baby please,” was the last thing 911 operator Melinda W. recalls. “I think he was hoping there would still be a chance to re-attach the pee-pee, but if she swallowed it all, those chances would be blown.”

When police arrived they found the p*nis on the carpet and stated that, “it looked like a dogs chew toy.”

The member was quickly put on ice and a local plastic surgeon was rushed to the hospital. It’s being reported that there is hope for successful re-construction.

One nurse who wanted to remain anonymous, stated that she overheard the surgeon tell Allen that while they could re-attach, it was still going to be in “chewed up condition.” The nurse said the doctor tried comforting the victim by saying, “think of it this way Allen, it will be just like having a permanent ribbed condom on…the ladies will love it.”

No word as of yet what charges the girlfriend may face.