Woman Snatches Steamer From Child’s Hands In Black Friday Hysteria

I’m starting to think that black Friday is just an excuse for people to go absolutely mental and has nothing to do with shopping. People seem to loose all sense of dignity and will do literally anything in the pursuit of a bargain.

In one of the most shocking videos that we’ve found, a grown woman snatches a steamer from a small child’s hands. It’s only Black Friday that can make people behave in this ridiculous way.

Check it out:

Last year carnage broke out as fights, huge crowds and scrums were reported across the UK. Three people were arrested in Manchester just hours into the event and fighting kicked off at Asda in Wembley where a manager had to pull two teenage boys and a woman from a tug-of-war over a TV set.

Lets all pray for humanity and hope it returns to a resemblance of normality as swiftly as possible.