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Woman Turns Down Arranged Marriage After Man Asks Her To Give Up Her Dog

Meet Karishma Walia – an analyst currently based in New Dehli, and her adorable pup Lucy

When New Dehli-based Karishma Walia found out that her potential husband is not of fan of dogs and wouldn’t want one after marriage, it became clear to her that it’s going to be an issue. So she turned down the arranged marriage.
“Having a dog is definitely not a temporary phase. I can’t abandon my dog for anyone,” Walia told him in a Whatsapp conversation. Though the guy still tried to get her to reconsider, it didn’t work. Walia just loves her pooch, Lucy, too much and if he can’t accept that – it’s a dealbreaker! She posted the full Whatsapp conversation to Facebook, and people on the Internet have been supporting her since. Take a look below!


Walia recently found out that her potential husband doesn’t want to live with Lucy


She was heavily pressured by her family – mom tried to convince her that he’s an excellent match as he’s good-looking and well-off


The guy still tried to get her to reconsider


But Walia is certain that “having a dog is not a temporary phase,” and she can’t abandon [her] dog for anyone!