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Woman’s Sassy Rant About How “Leggings Ain’t Pants” Goes Super Viral

Few items of clothing had made such a rapid and significant impact on fashion as leggings. Nowadays, they’re everywhere.

But could their days-of-dominance be numbered? They’ve been well and truly kept in check by a Tennessee woman who wanted to lay down the proper rules when it comes to wearing leggings.

In her video titled, “Leggings ain’t pants,” Jamie said she was on her way to buy a new pair of leggings after she couldn’t find her own leggings and went to borrow a pair from her daughter. When Jamie realised those didn’t quite fit she left for the store to get herself a new pair and decided to share her thoughts about the popular fashion trend.

She ended the video with a short summary – “Don’t do it.. You’re welcome!”

Perhaps the fact her Facebook video has been viewed more than 12 million times means a lot of people agree. Or perhaps they just find this sassy video hugely entertaining. I’m leaning towards the latter