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You Won’t Stop Smiling When You See What This Baby Just Did To A Cop, It’s Amazing!

A recent photo of a baby stealing the spotlight from a police officer has gone viral and is reminding everyone that good cops still exist. This story made my day!

A photo was captured of Officer Phillip Haning while he was being sworn in for his first day with the Greenville North Carolina Police Department, but it’s his six-month-old son that stole the show!

Nolan and his mother had gone to support his daddy’s big day and judging by this photo, he wants to follow Daddy’s footsteps into the police force.


Check out the GPD’s Facebook post included with the photo:


At first glance you might miss the priceless moment in the photo, but baby Nolan has his arm raised high like he’s ready to be sworn in with Daddy!

3Officer Haning thinks the precious photo has struck a chord because it reminds people that cops can be family men too.

“People look at police officers like robots, like there are no feelings or emotions to the job,” the 33-year-old officer said. “But when you look at this picture, you remember these people have families. There is more to life than being a cop, there is home life, too. It reminds us that one of the important parts of the job is to provide for your family.”