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You’ll NEVER Guess What’s Hiding Under Her Hair. Watch When She Runs Her Fingers Through It… OMG!

Changing your hairstyle can be a very fun way of showing off your personality. But while it can be really cool to do something very bold that stands out, it isn’t always appropriate for more formal settings such as in a professional office. So what do you do if you want brightly coloured hair when you’re out having fun but something more toned down and muted for work? Well, we have a solution for you with no trade-offs! A young girl named Jaye went to her stylist, Don Tan, at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel Spa in Singapore, and got her hair dyed in a very cool and brilliantly versatile way! Depending on how she styles her hair, it can be jet-black or multi-coloured. Time for me to go to the salon and try this incredibly clever trick!