A Woman Sits In The Middle Of A Tollway Blocking Traffic… But Look At What She Holds In Her Hands

What would you do if you saw an animal in need? Would you stop? Would you call ASPCA? Maybe you’re headed to work. Would you go about your day in hopes that someone else would take initiative?

A woman named Page Jones proved herself a model for compassion after she noticed an animal by the side of a busy tollway in Houston. An opossum had either collapsed or been hit — Jones decided the right thing to do was pull over to see if she could help.

“It lifted it’s head up, and it looked at the car,” she told KHOU News. “I was just like, I gotta stop.”

Reporters spotted her sitting by the tollway, fanning the animal with a towel while she waited for help. Police officers helped her trap the animal in a small sack until she could get it to the wildlife center where she volunteers. Despite her best efforts to rush the animal to safety for any needed medical attention, she was unable to save the creature’s life. But her small act of kindness certainly proves that selflessness and human compassion are fixtures of our communities when animals need us most — no matter if they’re domesticated or wild.

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