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Best Of Both Worlds: This Cake Is Made Of Pizza. Yes, You Read That Correctly

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Oh, nothing. Just a pizza cake.


Feast your eyes on Boston Pizza’s latest efforts to mobilize the consumer market around their one true goal, their eternal mission — sell more pizza.


Last year, the pizza chain surfaced with a series of ads that featured crude rednecks. The pizza boys are back on the ad attack, and this time the campaign invites customers to vote on 13 pizza “game changers.”


How many ways can we be expected to consume pizza? Boston Pizza’s latest prototypes incule “Pizza Cheese Clippers,” “Pizza Beardkin” and so on.


Depending on what gods you worship, you are either stoked or sickened right now. The photo caption reads: “Not available in vegetarian.” Something tells me most veg heads would take one look and pass, anyhow.

H/T: Grub Street, Photo Courtesy: Boston Pizza