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Brave Chefs Holding Only Pans Perform Hilarious Dance On Live TV

Note: This video features slight nudity.

With the rise of reality TV talent competitions, we’ve seen some pretty far-out performances. But a French comedian duo known as Les hommes à poêles has mastered one comedic/acrobatic routine unlike anything you’ve ever seen before.

During a taping of a French TV show called Le Plus Grand Cabaret Du Monde, these two men performed a hot, spicy, and slapstick burlesque routine that makes the crowd go wild — and for good reason! Armed with just two sauce pans each, the brave naked men perform a wacky dance while wearing chef’s hats — and they somehow manage to keep their modesty and private parts under wraps the entire time. Well, pretty much the entire time. I definitely saw a slip at the end, so watch with discretion.

I gasped, I laughed, I shuddered. Some of the positions in which these guys tangle themselves (and on each other) is both impressive and provocative. It’s no wonder this video has over five million views! They pull off some risky moves that are very well-choreographed. Plus, the guys do a great job at making it seem not rehearsed.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YNAXlv2gxaI]source