Candy Corn Cake

recipe candy corn cake

Candy Corn Cake

1 box white cake mix
1 box chocolate cake mix
3 containers white frosting (or three cups)
1 container chocolate frosting (or 1 cup)
Optional: Orange extract

Bake chocolate cake in 8in round cake pan. One cake will be used, so you can wrap the other 8in round cake and place in freezer.
For the white and orange layers, simple prepare white cake batter as you normally would. Divide batter in half and tint one half orange. (Add orange extract if you wish)
Bake white cake batter in 8in cake pan and bake orange cake batter in 8in cake pan.
For frosting, take one container of white frosting and tint it orange. I used gel food coloring and about 4-6 drops.
To assemble cake:
Place chocolate cake on cake stand. Place thin layer of chocolate frosting.
Place orange layer on top and cover in thin layer of orange frosting.
Finally, place white cake on top and cover entire cake in crumb coat.
Decorate as you wish.

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