County Sheriff Gives Himself A Parking Ticket

Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke reportedly gave himself a parking ticket following a mistake by which his car was left in a disabled parking spot. The incident happened during the Veterans Day ceremony in Milwaukee. He only had to pay a $35 fine but decided to donate another $200 to an organisation which helps the disabled.
“I pulled up in front of the War Memorial, got out of my squad car and directed a Captain to move the vehicle and properly park it,” Sheriff Clarke stated. “That order was not followed.” Insisting that he is not above the law, he continued; “The rules are the same for my squad as any car except in an emergency or official business but not in a handicap area,” he added.

I should apologise for the end caption in the video. I’m not sure what that was about. However, I should also apologise for leading you to believe that Sheriff Clarke is a good guy. Not only was this clearly an incident before he knew he’d been caught, but Clarke is also one of the biggest assholes in America.