Man Finds Hidden Safe In His Grandparents’ House

When Redditor evilenglish’s grandparents died, he was devastated.

He loved spending time with them, and one of his most cherished memories is reading “Treasure Island” with his grandpa as a kid, which inspired dreams of finding his own buried treasure. This is why what his grandparents left for him is so special.

Their farmhouse in Tennessee was given to him, and when he went there one day to go through all of their belongings and clean it out, his fantasy of discovering hidden treasure came true.

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The carpet was dirty and disgusting, so he decided to tear it up and throw it away.

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That’s when he came across this strange slab and realized it was actually a safe.

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After pulling off the metal cap, he found a combination lock. He was really excited to unlock it and see what was inside, but he couldn’t figure out the code.

He decided it was worth it to hire a locksmith, who had trouble opening it himself because of the limited amount of space he had to work with.

But after a lot of effort, the man was able to remove the lock.

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Then it was finally time to open that bad boy up!

At first, he saw what looked like a pile of wet bricks. He remembered that there had been a pipe leak in his grandparents’ house a few years ago, and concluded that some water had gotten into the safe.

The bricks turned out to be a bunch of vintage coin books.

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The moisture had damaged their covers, but the coins inside were still in pretty good condition.

There were so many items packed inside the safe. Below is only a third of them.

His grandma was an avid coin collector, so there were plenty of them.

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Some, like this silver dollar, were in mint condition because of their protective cases.

Others were only wrapped in plastic or paper, but they seemed to be fine.

Unfortunately, the stacks of dollar bills he found weren’t as well preserved.

Among the piles of money, there were also a few of his grandpa’s antique guns and wristwatches.

He even came across a few bars of silver — talk about treasure!

But the best part of his experience was probably discovering that this old toolbox was actually a treasure chest.

When he opened it, he was delighted to see that it was chock-full of jewelry.

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