Dad Fulfills His Wedding Promise To His Daughter Nearly 20 Years Later

From heartbreak to all-encompassing happiness, this father’s story of survival is sure to touch the hearts of people everywhere.

Nearly 20 years ago, Rick Haines was given the life-shattering news that he needed a bone marrow transplant in order to survive. His family members were no strangers to the hospital room that he constantly found himself in, but they never gave up on the man that held their family together.


His rare disease took over his life, and he thought he wouldn’t live to walk his little girl down the aisle. Then, nine months later, he met his guardian angel.

Ian Brown, a 36-year-old from England, joined the Bone Marrow Registry and became a match for the chronically ill father. Little did they both know, this remarkable match would lead to an unbreakable bond.

Rick was able to walk his beautiful daughter, Marissa, down the aisle and Ian promised he would be there to witness his unforgettable feat. Ian then walked Rick’s wife down the aisle, forever securing a place in the hearts of every Haines family member.