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Didga Has Big Dreams and Performs Cat Tricks I Can’t Believe Are Even Possible!


Meet Didga the most phenomenal cat on the internet. Didga has quickly become a Youtube sensation with her incredible cat tricks. You may remember Didga from the video where she rolls over like a dog here. Didga not only rolls over but can also ride skateboards. But in the following video Didga steps it up BIG time.

She scours the internet for the best dog tricks on Youtube. She then decides to attempt each trick and overshadow her fellow furry companions. Be ready to be blown away by this cat’s toolbox of tricks. Just when you think you’ve seen it all Didga takes it to the next level.

Move over Grumpy Cat there is a new kitty in town who is quickly taking over the internet! Watch and enjoy the video below.

Have you ever seen a cat do anything like this? Can your cat do any tricks? leave a comment below and let us know

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