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Ed Sheeran Hears A Girl Singing His Song In A Mall. So He Jumps Up And Joins In

Ed Sheeran was visiting a shopping mall in West Edmonton, Canada recently when he heard a girl singing one of his songs.

As the video below starts you can see Ed walking along with a cheeky grin on his face as he approaches the girl. She is on stage singing along to “Thinking Out Loud”.


ed 1
The camera man says “What’s happening Ed”? To which he replies “I’m just gonna go sing with someone”. He then says “Shall I just roll up” before jumping up on stage next to the girl.
The look on her face is so lovely as she realises it is the real Ed Sheeran. He then helps her out by singing along to a few lines before hopping off the stage and getting on his way.

By him giving just a few minutes of his time, he probably made her whole year.