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Extra cheese with that? Family left disgusted after Pizza Hut worker fondles crotch before serving meal

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There’s a reason why that pizza you ordered last night was so cheesy.

Or in reality, this was the stomach-turning scenario that one fast-food lover encountered when they went to Pizza Hut – and found their server passionately exploring the untold depths of his nether regions.

The disgusting sight was spotted by two girls in America, who quickly took a snap of the worker in order to name and shame him.

Posting the image on Facebook, one of the girl’s mums – Sandy Breitlinger, wrote: ‘My daughter and her friend were in line waiting on our Pizza and the guy there kept his hand down his pants playing with himself the whole time.

‘The girls actually took pictures while that sat there. They called to ask for a manager to let him know what occurred and spoke to a Zack, who informed them he was the manager and he’d speak with the other guy.mike-myers-gets-some-pizza-hut-in-waynes-world

‘The girls are pretty certain that he was the same guy they sat and watched fondle himself the whole time. I pray that he is NOT making the pizza! We did NOT eat the pizza, in fear that he did fondle himself and obviously he’s NOT washing his hands.

‘I’m just appalled that my child and her friend had to witness this! We have more photos and would like to be contacted by some ASAP! This was the Boston Road Location! Please list a name and number that I may call please!’

That’s bad enough, but one of Sandy’s friends posted the link on Reddit, after realising that he had ordered from the same Pizza Hut store only a day previously.

Here’s hoping that he didn’t find any mystery ingredients.