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Father And Son Play A Goofy, Messy Game. At :53, I DIED Laughing!

o many games nowadays rely on advanced technology to keep the player entertained, but somehow, smashing a whipped cream pie in someone’s face is a form of entertainment that has stood the test of time. The makers of the Pie Face! game have capitalized on this classic form of humor and turned it into a way for families to switch up board game night. The rules are simple: flick the spinner, then turn the lever as many times as directed. If you don’t get whipped cream splattered all over your face, it’s your partner’s turn! If you do, well, you have whipped cream all over your face. This boy and his dad are clearly having a blast with the suspense of it all, and when :53 rolls around, I cracked up just as hard as they did!

There’s something about watching dads and their boys bonding that just makes my heart melt. Just like this dad who taught his son how to cheer for his favorite team, these two are sharing a small moment that they’ll treasure for a lifetime. Their laughter is super contagious, and the best part is that the dad is acting just like a kid again. Sure, playing a simple, messy board game might not require the same amount of time it takes to teach your kid how to play the drums like this, but it’s still a super fun activity that anyone can do with their children…if they’re willing to do a little bit of cleanup.

I absolutely adore seeing parents spending quality time with their kids like this. This little boy is probably too young to appreciate just how special this time with his dad is, but I know when he grows up, he’s going to look back at this video and laugh just as hard as he did then.