Fired McDonald’s Employee Reveals Restaurant Secrets

The most annoying part of working at McDonald’s is customers who take a long time

When food is cooked it’s set under a warmer for a set amount of time. Even if that time runs out, the food can be sold if it looks

If you want a fresh burger, you should modify the order, so it has to be specially

You’ll get your food faster if you go through the

If you order the Fillet-O-Fish, it’ll probably be fresh because they aren’t ordered enough to keep them on

Leftovers are tossed into the trash instead of being given to

The night shift is the worst because of drunk people and other unruly

Employees usually get one meal per shift, and it’s not supposed to be

Even though staff are supposed to charge for extra sauce, if you’re nice, you’ll probably get it for

There are slow times when employees will do whatever they have to to entertain