He Caught A Fast Food Worker Doing This To A Disabled Customer, And Now It’s Going Viral…

Over the past five years, Qdoba employee Ridge Quarles has gotten to know one particular customer. Though her identity is unknown, what we do know is that she is confined to a wheelchair, she loves Qdoba, and she’s become a regular customer at one Kentucky location. She usually sits and waits outside the restaurant until someone notices her and lets her in.

One day, Ridge decided to go above and beyond. He helped her through the line, sat her in the lobby, got her everything she needed to enjoy her meal, and did it all with a smile. And before walking away from her, Ridge turned to her and said, ‘Is there anything else I can help you with?’

That’s when she kindly asked if he would help her eat.

Watch the video below, and witness the incredible moment Ridge obliged his customer in asimple yet heroic act of kindness. Not everyone would do what he did that day, and without expecting to receive any accolades, no less. Thanks to Dr. David Jones, a doctor who sat nearby and watched – who was so touched that he broke out his camera and filmed the heartwarming moment – the story is going viral.