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He Was Abandoned By His Parents For Being Ugly, Now He Is Changing The World

In a world far too obsessed by looks and outward appearance, anybody who looks different or unique often draws ridicule. This is exactly what happened to Jono Lancaster, who suffers from the rare genetic disorder, Treacher Collins Syndrome. Abandoned when he was only hours old by his parents, Jono has had to endure some pretty dark days growing up with his condition. Thankfully though, he hasn’t let his unique appearance and troubled upbringing blight his adult life.
Now a campaigner attempting to educate people about the condition, Jono travels the world meeting children with facial disfigurements and has become a role model for young people. A truly inspirational man, the world needs a few more people like Jono Lancaster.
Watch Jono’s story and discover first hand his amazing zest for life, it’s truly inspiring.