She Started With 6 Balls Of Dough And Made Them Into Something Gorgeous

Bread is a delicious food, but not many people would wax poetic about the beauty of bread. Sure, it’s an integral part of delicious foods like sandwiches, bread pudding, or French toast, but bread is typically beige and boring. But Hannah, a food blogger over at Rise and Shine, decided to take matters into her own hands and change the conversation. Wait until you see what she creates using balls of dyed dough…

Hannah started out with six balls of bread dough in all different colors. She used food coloring to dye them rainbow shades. With lemon zest and honey, she gave the dough a light flavor.


Then she molded her dough balls into long ribbons. Using a method similar to challah bread, she braided the strands together.


For more details on how to braid bread with six ribbons, read Hannah’s full tutorial.


Once Hannah was done braiding, she pinched the bottom of the dough off.


She basted the masterpiece with an egg wash and put it in the oven for about 30 minutes.

The finished product looks so cool! None of the shades ran together, and they all stayed true to color after baking.


I’ve never seen a loaf of bread quite like this before. It’s so colorful! This would make the most beautiful sandwich ever.

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