He’s Waiting For His Best Friend To Arrive. Who Shows Up Brought Me To Tears

Get ready for the most heartwarming part of your day. There’s just something about unlikely friendships that is so beautiful. When two-year-old Deacon Ross is asked who his best friend is, he does not hesitate in answering. Deacon struck up a special friendship with O Dee the garbage man on his family’s route. The pair have the most adorable friendship that was unfortunately forced to come to a bittersweet end because Deacon’s family is moving to a different neighborhood.

The video begins by showing Deacon helping his mother make a gift basket so they can give it to O Dee later when he comes by the house. It’s obvious just from listening to Deacon talk about his best friend that he really has a love for O Dee. The minute that O Dee pulls up on the back of a garbage truck, Deacon’s entire face lights up. The friends share a few special moments together before Deacon and his mom give O Dee his present and say goodbye. While it pained me to see Deacon having to bid farewell to his best friend, I still walked away from this video smiling over their special relationship.