His Son Quits The Family Restaurant For A Swanky Office Job. Dad’s Reaction? PRICELESS!

The Postcard is a creative, touching and beautifully shot commercial from Vistaprint, the maker of customizable business cards. It’s about a father and his young son who open a bakery together from the ground up. The son eventually moves to the city for a big-time job. When he quits the bakery, he leaves Dad behind — heartbroken yet determined to carry on the business. Just when the son is beginning to forget his roots, he receives an anniversary postcard from the bakery. What happens next? You have to see it for yourself, because it’s just too good to miss.

We’ve seen tear-jerking, emotional commercials before, but many people think this one tops them all. The Postcard has been seen by more than one million people on YouTube alone. One commenter summed it up best: “What beautiful storytelling. It’s an old story, that of the prodigal son, but somehow you made it fresh. Congratulations. The moral is that ultimately, it’s heart that makes a business grow and succeed. So smart to have the print pieces be the supporting actor, not the star.”

So, grab your tissues, sit back, and enjoy The Postcard.