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She Asks Her Pup If He’s A Good Boy. His Response? My Face Hurts From Smiling

When we saw this adorable pup wander in front of his owner, we couldn’t help but smirk. But when she asked him a question? His reaction is priceless.

How this intelligent pit bull interacts with his owner is equal parts charming and impressive. The way he can read the cadence of a question and then respond is hysterical.
According to Wikipedia, “The Pit Bull was originally created as a fighting dog by crossbreeding bulldogs, mastiffs, and terriers to produce a dog that combined the size and strength of the mastiff, the gameness and agility of the terrier, with the strength and tenacity of the bulldog.” Though, some may think this breed is famous for being aggressive, it’s really the upbringing of an animal that ultimately determines it’s demeanor.