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Homeless Man Returns Found Cash On A Hunch the Owner Needed it More — And Boy, Was He Ever Correct

If you found a purse with nearly $400 in cash inside, would you do the right thing? Well that’s exactly what happened in one central Pennsylvania community, but the man who found it is homeless, and the owner is a single mother battling cancer.

The man, who did not want to be identified, is down on his luck, literally sleeping on the streets and in the parks of State College, Centre County. He doesn’t know where his next meal will come from, but he has a strong faith in God and he says that led him to do the right thing. “I was waiting to go to an AA meeting (and I) saw it on a bench,” the man said. The 32-year-old man who found the purse sitting on a bench at Friedman Park didn’t want to go on camera with WJAC-TV, but said he’s originally from Boston but has been living on the streets of State College for several weeks.

“I have nothing in my pockets right now,” he said. But that didn’t stop him from making the right choice. He opened up the wallet, and saw the cash along with an Access Card, and knew the rightful owner was also down on their luck. He contacted a local homeless shelter, who tracked down the woman, and it turns out, she’s a single mother fighting brain cancer. Neither party wanted us to film their meeting, but it was filled with thank-yous, hugs and smiles. The woman said her whole life is inside the purse, and she couldn’t put into words how grateful she was to have it back safely.