“It’s My Baby!”: Woman Cuts Baby from Pregnant Friend’s Womb and Maniacally Claims It As Her Own


It sounds like something out of a horror movie, where a woman tries to cut out a pregnant mother’s baby and pretends it’s her own. This time, it isn’t a movie, it’s real life.

Ashleigh Wade, 22, of the Bronx, is accused of slitting the throat and killing her pregnant friend and carving out the live baby claiming it as her own. For months, she convinced her family and friends that she was pregnant and due soon.

According to police, Wade stabbed her expecting friend, Angelikque Sutton. Wade then carved out the unborn child of the wounded friend in order to “save” the baby.

Police arrived to find Wade, blood-soaked, sitting on a stoop. Her boyfriend, who she called after the stabbing, was holding the baby. “It’s my baby,” Wade kept screaming according to police.

Sutton, the expecting mother, and her baby were taken to Montefiore Hospital where Sutton was pronounced dead. The baby pulled through in lieu of the crude cesarian and survived.

Wade was arrested and taken for a psychological evaluation. Wade’s boyfriend, who was called after the stabbing, was not charged.

Crazy on so many levels.