Woman Catches Her Boyfriend Cheating And Shoots Him In The Balls!



“She walked right up on him. I think there was some disbelief that this was actually going to happen,” says Lt. James Espinoza, for the Wichita Police Department. In Wichita, Kansas. Early Tuesday morning a woman thinking something was up went to a house her boyfriend was remodeling on the 1100 block of South Emporia and found him with another woman! The girlfriend, age 44, found out she was being cheated on and vowed at the scene to go get her gun from her home and then come back and shoot her boyfriend with it! She made good on her promise. She came back to the house on South Emporia and shot her cheating boyfriend intentionally in the family jewels around 2:15am Tuesday morning. He was taken to the hospital and they have said that he is in serious condition.
          Also 44-years-old, the victim  had been caught red-handed by his enraged and extremely jealous girlfriend and didn’t take it seriously that this made her so mad to the point where she would actually come back and shoot him in the groin right where it counts. The angry girlfriend was later located and arrested at the corner of Lincoln and McLean Policeman Lt. Espinoza of the Wichita Police also made known. The woman shooter had aimed and shot once but the gun jammed. She cleared the weapon and intentionally leveled and aimed at his d#@k and fired again. This time the bullet stuck her boyfriend where it hurts. In the groin. Since she is known to have aimed intentionally for the front of his pants the 44-year-old woman shooter is being booked with Aggravated Battery and NOT Attempted Murder, which would have carried a much longer potential sentence. The Sedgewick County District Attorney’s Office will determine whether or not any charges will be filed in this case. It’s hard to say if she’ll get any time for what she’s done, but you can be sure that she got her justice for catching her boyfriend right in the act! Some things you just shouldn’t get caught doing!