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JetBlue Flight Attendants Throw A Mid-Air Wedding For A Couple Planning To Elope!

There was a time when all weddings were the same. The bride wears a white dress, her father gives her away and everyone eats cake.

Couples around the world are making new traditions and throwing weddings like you wouldn’t believe! Whether it’s a surprise dance from the wedding party or a special song from the groom, each wedding is special to the couple who threw it.

Dina and Chas were about to celebrate their 10th anniversary of dating each other when they decided it was time to make it official and tie the knot. The plan was to fly from Boston to Seattle and road trip down the coast to San Diego where they would secretly elope. When their JetBlue flight attendants heard about their plans to elope they decided to throw them an impromptu wedding that the couple would NEVER forget!

A garbage bag veil and the exchange of “wings” were all a part of this makeshift wedding that had passengers and pilots applauding. Although it wasn’t quite the wedding they had pictured, it was one they’ll never forget!